Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hallo Mädels!
Hi girls!
Hola chicas!
Salut beautés!


New competition of Lashes of London is ON... God! i do not know how many times i tried my luck here, and so far never won, buuuut... Hope dies last! ;) so i keep trying hard --- LASHES OF LONDON STAFF; IF YOU ARE READING THIS; PLEASE LET ME BE THE WINNER!!! I will rock better than anyway that dress. i will prove it to you!! hehee.
I let you all know, maybe one of your my readers is the lucky one this time... i will be damn jealous might confess! Lashes of London is one of my most fave online shops, their stuff is super femenine and exclusive! You know when you are wearing one of their pieces, you feel like a spotlight wherever you go, and i love that feeling. 
I am loving this new dress, i can imagine it with some nice boots to give it a bad ass look, but also i could wear it with some heels to stay chic.... i like those dresses that can bring a dual look depending with what you match them.

So, now i just let you know about the competition...try your luck!!! 
follow this "link"
ALEA IACTA EST ( The "luck" has been cast in latin)

Big kiss!!!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lashes of London COMPETITION!!!

Hey hey, you heard well! 
New Lashes of London competition! it is always very exciting because it is really one of my most favourite online stores, they do not have a huge stock, but what they have is simply TOP quality and AMAZING!!! really selected pieces of clothing which are really to die for! I specially love all their Bralets! I did not have the chance to get my hands in one - YET -

So Here you have the chance to win the CHICHI Playsuit! i find it super cute and perfect for summer!

All you have to do is click on that link and follow their instructions and complete all the entries. I wish you and wish me good luck, hehe.

Much Love,


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Picky Monday #1

Hey girls!

I am starting today a regular post, every monday i will post 3 fave pieces from some store.Not necessarly it will be always an outfit, it might be totally random, but i also can create one outfit some time... i will only pick the 3 items that caught my eyes the most and i would love to have.
Hope you enjoy it!
So today is the first day, and i am choosing for it prettylittlething shop

Saturday, May 4, 2013

blue stones...

Good morning everybody!

Here i am to show you some new goodies hehe. I bought this dress last week, it is not from any old past collection, it is right now on H&M stores, so if you like it, you can make it yours, also they have it in their website. I love digital prints on dresses, for example Black Milk and Lovelysally have wonderful stuff, actually i have to say when i saw this one remined me a little of the amazing Tempesta dress from Lovelysally. The good thing about this one from H&M is THE PRICE!!! costs only 14.95€ (like 18USD aprox.).
The necklace i bought it last summer, so i am not sure if they have it again, but the earrings and the ring are from this season, i felt totally in love, it is made of some cool deep blue stones, they have a wonderful optic effect.
I really wanted some electric blue wedges-booties to match with the dress, sadly i do not own any.... and i have been searching on the net without too much luck. But i think with these black lace up platform-wedges matches good too!! (yes they are wedges, i know you cant see it on the pix, my fault!! i didnt take a proper pic to show that! hehe)... i bought them 1 year ago on ebay, and sadly i cannot find them anymore to give you the link. 
I hope you like my today's outfit....



Dress, earrings, necklace and ring - H&M
Boots - ebay

Love me in metallic Lilac

Today i got a little bit in pastel tones mood!! I have the lilac metallic skirt since a little while ago, but i actually didnt find in my closet any top that was going perfect with it, so i had to search and search and i found this beautiful sweater with sheer sleeves and i thought: THATS IT! and i think it works perfectly.
The lilac skirt is very special... i like it because it is something rare, not only because the metallic look, also because of those cut off trimmings which one has to be careful about! I like to wear the skirt high, and i really think it is mean to be worn like this, so if someone is curious can see a little of your butt cheeks thru, hahaah so i advice to wear some shorts underneath and never ever ever without panties! hahaahaha...

About ma hair, surprisingly here it doesnt look purple, but it is because of the lighting i was using, i know i am confusing you all about which haircolour i actually have! i am a it camaleonic in that. I am a totally Blond lover, i have been superlight blond for 8 years but i am naturally dark brown, so after 8 years of bleaching my hair said: sorry, i can't take it anymore. So i cut it, and i let it recover, but somehow i find brunette a very normal boring colour, maybe because i am spanish and most of spanish girls we do have dark brown. So i decided to find something special, and i got dark purple hair, so in this moment i have dark purple hair, but not in this pic! because of the light, hehe. I also have blond and pink wigs, so it is possible i will appear in some future post in blond again ;) Now i think it is all clear about my haircolour, huh? hehe.

Much love,


Metallic Skirt - Missguided
bow tights - ebay
handchain-ring and earrings - electric eccentricity
belt - mango
pink sweater sheer sleeves - New Yorker (similar here )
Love Me pendant - ebay
shoes - Jumex

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A little bit NERD but very happy


pink leggings - ebay
hologramm sneakers - H&M (2012) similar ones at Nastygal
navy Nerd sweatshirt - CHIARA FASHION
Spiked bracelet - ebay
wrapped cord-chain bracelet - Tally Weijl (sold out ) similar one

I wanted see you laughing in the Purple Rain...

boots - ebay
love belt - Missguided
necklace - ( gift )
Leggings - ioffer